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2pac ...

Nate Dogg's family believes the singer's death was caused by complications stemming from the two strokes he suffered over the past couple of years ... this according to the singer's close friend and manager Rod McGrew.

McGrew tells TMZ ... Nate's death was unexpected...
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Action Bronson, who hails from Queens, has heavy echoes of Big L and Ghostface Killah in his flow, which is dense and burly and acidly nasal, a classic New York roughneck style. And the impressive “Dr. Lecter” (Fine Fabric Delegates) would have fit in neatly in 1995, right between those...
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San'a, Yemen (CNN) -- Spend some time in Yemen's capital and you start hearing a similar refrain. It's unavoidable -- everywhere you turn a chorus of voices bemoaning the issues and difficulties at hand. After all, Yemen is a country full of worsening conflict, deepening poverty, increasing terror,...
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  • #1 написал: JDBnews (16 June 2011 21:32)
    RT : 2Pac and and on the same day????? WHOAA how #SWAG is that:) #BEASTMODE bro happy birthday guys;)
    #2 написал: dolce_belieber (16 June 2011 21:32)
    RT : 2pac and are born on the same day!?!? Fredo is an absolute #BEAST . lol
    #3 написал: TenishaLashay (16 June 2011 21:32)
    Runnin - 2pac
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